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Gorilla's Core Features
Sound Library
Choose from Gorilla's FREE Sound Library and download any real engine, transmission, and 3rd channel sounds of your choice, or upload your own custom sounds.
Plug-N-Play Mobility
The GorillaBox products are designed as a "universal plug-n-play module" that can be connected inside any RC with an ESC, receiver, motor, and battery.
Water Resistant
GorillaBox products are secured to be water resistant, and extremely durable to take a crash beating in all terrains and challenging environments.
Massive Volume
GorillaBox makes the loudest RC sound system in the world, 3 to 4 times louder than the ESS1, Traxxas, and other generic brands. "It's freaking loud!"
USB & WIFI Connect
Connect your GorillaBox using WIFI or USB cable for fast downloading and easy programming your RC's with your custom engine and transmission sounds.
3rd Channel
It's easy to download sirens, horns, turbo-chargers, brakes, skids, burnouts, and your own custom sounds to all GorillaBox products using the 3rd Channel.
Low Battery Alert
All GorillaBox products are programmed with an alert sound system letting the RC driver know when the RC LiPo or LiMH battery is running low on power.
Deans & Traxxas
RC's have different battery connectors. No worries! All GorillaBox products have both Deans and Traxxas connectors. Ec3 is available upon request.
Light Weight
We totally understand the importance of weight. GorillaBox's are manufactured to be lightweight not interfering with RC performance.
Building your own Sound Library has never been so easy.
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Our Most Advanced Engineering Yet
All of us at GorillaBox Technologies love to drive and race our RC's, making them look and drive real. We "demand" the best technology to make the RC's sound real! So we are serious and passionate about making your RC experience totally realistic with the best possible sound with cutting edge hardware and software.
Sync Algorithm
The GorillaBox technology takes the lead with aggressive programming to deliver accurate controller throttle syncing from "engine idle" to full speed in both forward and reverse.
R.E.A.L. Throttle
GorillaBox Technologies has designed and developed Real Engine Audio Logic that anticipates and delivers realtime throttle sequencing with the RC's receiver transmission.
Firmware Upgrades
The GorillaBox Team continues to update it's firmware with improvements to the user interface, sound quality, connectivity, and much more to make your RC sound experience better.
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Get Protection
We all like to drive our RC's to the extreme past their limits. The GorillaBox Protection Plan is product insurance with priority tech support and 100% GorillaBox Product Replacement after the 90 day limited warranty ends.
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